Quantity Surveying

As we near the end of bench work construction, it’s time to start thinking about the track. For some reason, I don’t feel much like working on any of the actual construction projects this evening. So, I whipped up a quick spreadsheet to estimate the quantities of things like ties and rail and so on. […]

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Benchwork Nearing Completion

Originally published on Model Railroad Hobbyist, April 21 Julian and Andrew (The Proto:87 Posse) were by again this week. Almost the first thing on the agenda was to test-fit the sections in place in the basement.  Sadly, all hands were busy holding sections of layout, and so I have no photos to share; below is […]

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Completing the Long Section

Originally published on Model Railroad Hobbyist, April 4 Julian and Andrew came over again last night, and we had a most productive evening. We had a good job list, and so, there were very few times when one of us was standing around with our hands in our pockets. Poor Julian only managed to have […]

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The First Section Goes Together

Originally published on Model Railroad Hobbyist, March 21 Andrew came by last night and we made a start on assembling the benchwork for Pembroke. I’m planning to do as much assembly as possible out in the garage to keep the mess out of our newly finished basement. So, while it’s not a modular layout, it […]

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First Work Session

    Originally published on Model Railroad Hobbyist, March 17 Pembroke II officially got under way with a visit from the local Proto:87 Posse this week.  Here are stalwarts, Julian (of http://vrdays.blogspot.ca) and Andrew cutting some of the roadbed. Pembroke is going to be pretty much flat, and I have some 1/2 inch plywood left […]

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The Plan

Originally published on Model Railroad Hobbyist, March 9 I should come clean: Pembroke I, the layout I described in Model Railroad Planning back in 1999 never really got off the ground. Oh sure, I built enough to take some photos for the article, but for a number of reasons, Pembroke it was unsatisfying. It languished […]

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Another Layout Blog

Well, here it is: another blog about someone constructing a layout(1). Why should you care?  Maybe you are a friend, or perhaps you are my mother.  However, if I am lucky, you are not yet a friend or relation, and you might care because we share a common interest.  Here are some things that will […]

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