Smoothing out the Backdrop

This morning, before leaving for work, I sanded the second layer of drywall mud on the backdrop. It’s looking pretty good now, but I’m sure glad I hired someone to do the drywall on the rest of the basement (Amazon Contracting were excellent by the way; if you need drywall in Vancouver, look them up […]

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Soldering up LED Light Strips

When it comes to bending, the LED light strips act a little like thick tape. They will go around quite a broad curve, but you have to break them to go around a sharp corner. Fortunately, every third LED, the strips have a line where they can be cut, and little solder pads to wire […]

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Thanks for all your Help, Jim

I’m devastated to let you all know that Jim Peters passed away suddenly last week. He was one of the Proto:87 Posse, who regularly came to my place last year to work on Pembroke. Apart from all the help with putting ties in jigs, he was a source of endless amusing stories. He enjoyed his […]

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Top Cabinets Finished

The top cabinets finally got finished this evening, and they look better than I’d imagined. Indeed, it’s pretty amazing how close they come to looking like the original design. The face frames are mostly poplar, with a couple of plywood panels thrown in around the corner. For strength, they are assembled with dowels and glue. […]

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Getting Finescale

My friend, Mark Dance, just sent me a link to the Pendon Museum website. It’s been updated since the last time I checked in, and might be worth a look if you’ve not seen it before. I was first introduced to Pendon more than twenty years ago, when I was in university. Leafing through the […]

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