622 parts arriving

I arrived home to find a package from Shapeways sitting on the console table in the hall. This is always an exciting moment, so I quickly opened it up to see what the 3D printers had wrought. The boiler weight, truck flexure and ash pan were inside. These are the parts, along with the etching, […]

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Split axle proof of concept

Months ago, I set out to look for a source of split axles. I think the ones in #10 came from the EM Gauge Society, but they require modification for the narrower track of Proto:87. As I was Googling, I came across a post on the Scalefour Forum about making them from thin-walled steel tube. […]

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Dispensing cut-off oil

When I started cutting steel with my lathe, I used a brush full of oil to lubricate the part. By the end of that first encounter, I was covered in so much oil I was almost drafted for Turkish wrestling. My T-shirt was ruined. Over time, I found that for cutting and facing operations, a […]

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Lathe crisis averted

All I wanted was a hole! The next step for the drivers is to make an aluminum collet to hold them while I face their backs, and this was going to start with a hole. I was merrily drilling deep into that cylinder of aluminum, when the drill bit bound and ripped the tailstock spindle […]

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Driver blanks for 622

It has taken a week longer than I wanted to turn the drivers for 622. These are made from 303 stainless steel, which I’m fairly convinced is almost the limit for my little Sherline lathe. Certainly, all tools need to be sharp, and shallow cuts are de rigeur. Along the way, I have seen a […]

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Small reward, big effort

For weeks, I’ve been avoiding the big pile of boxes that the restoration vapers left in the basement in front of the layout. My darling wife, understanding that neither they nor she would put everything back where it belongs, instructed them to leave the boxes. Of course, unpacking boxes takes little effort. Running the cables […]

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Ordering parts for 622

I’m all a-tingle! Today is the day when the designs for 622 start to get realized. I just uploaded the first files for 3D printing at Shapeways. I’ve broken the printing in orders parts – the first for the engineering parts required to make a working model, and the second will be for the details. […]

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