Weights and wires for 622

There are two things that I didn’t design well when I built #10  (okay, there are more than two, but I’m going to write about two tonight) — weights and wires.  Weight, even on the first iteration, was largely composed of scraps of lead that I squeezed into nooks and crannies wherever I could.  On […]

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Coming Shifts in the Hobby

After visiting the south shore of Nova Scotia, and a dip into New Brunswick to celebrate Grammie’s 100th birthday, we found ourself on PEI.  We stayed with our friend Marshall Ouellet, who was Laura’s Katimavik parent before I’d ever considered moving to Vancouver.  He also happens to be a model railroader. The only other person […]

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Halifax Southwestern Railway Museum

Last week, we rented a cottage near Bridgewater Nova Scotia.  The weather was largely perfect, and we had a beautiful quiet lake almost to ourselves.  Every day, we went out to explore the south shore. In Lunenburg, we discovered the Halifax Southwestern Railway Museum.  Now,  I don’t enter into most railway museums with very high hopes.  Restoring […]

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Tender sketch for 622

There’s not been much modelling going on for a couple of weeks as summer catches up with us.  You know, warm evenings, barbeques, etc.  The good life. I did, however, manage to scrape out an hour to roughly sketch the tender.  I’m considering buying the tank from a Bachmann tender, but this sketch is scaled […]

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Fake suspension for 622

Parts for 622 continue to appear on the drawing board.  It’s easy to get carried away when you’re modelling in CAD.  The keys that retain the springs, for example, are really miniscule – about .01 x .01 x .02.  Will the 3D printer be able to resolve them?  I hope so. I’m wondering if I should […]

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