Switch Lock Proof of Concept

I struggled a little with the supports for the switch locks, but finally got an acceptable print. It went together exactly as expected, and with a cobbled-together key, it almost works. Certainly the idea of a magnetic lock seems to be workable; the only miss was the amount that the mechanism rotates given the key. […]

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Refined Switch Lock Design

I’ve never had a ton of luck with Assembly views in OnShape. Until now. As I was idly rotating the design, as I so often do after building a 3D model, I started to wonder if the key will actually turn past the end of the lever, or if it will jam. And anyway, how […]

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Switch Lock Designs

I had a couple of friends over to run trains over the last couple of weeks, and it made me realize that the whole operation needs to slow down even more. The chains that will retain the keepers and locks on the turnout controls have been dangling long enough. It’s time to get the locks. […]

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Ten handles

The handles for the turnout controls need to be strong enough to handle. So, rather than printing them, I fabricated them from brass. This was one of the many times I’m happy to have a small layout. Ten was just enough: any more would have been tedious.

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Installing Turnout Controls

Awaiting a custom set of N-scale Grand Trunk decals from Black Cat, I have had to put Percy aside for a week or so. Meanwhile, I’ve been honing the approach to installing turnout controls. These controls had to satisfy the following design criteria. They need to behave like a real switch stand. I want to […]

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Turnout controls ready to print

Eight years! I am amazed to learn that I started pecking away at the fascia-mounted turnout control problem eight years ago. Well, this week marks the conclusion of the design phase, as I finally have a version I believe will be robust and easy to install. This is a minor improvement over the Mark II […]

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Learning Arduino

My brother, the same one who sent me a static grass applicator for Christmas, sent an Arduino starter kit for The Boy. Yeah, he kinda hit it out of the park this Yule. The Boy had a heavy first term at school, but now that exams are over he finally has some time to play […]

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Turnout control Mark II

Now that I almost have a functioning locomotive again, I’m eager to get back to operations. As I had to get the 3D printer out to create a new steam dome after the first got chipped after its tungsten weight propelled it at the floor, I decided to try out a plan for an improved […]

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A tiny switch boosts enjoyment

#622 and I have been working bugs out of the layout. After correcting a gauge issue with one of the engine truck axles, all the faults have been with the layout, and have been easily identified with a track gauge — a track gauge that Ed McCamey had EDM-cut from highly-conductive 18-gauge steel because he […]

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