Frame pattern for 622

Working fifteen minutes at a go, I’ve finally finished putting together the pattern for the thicker Nickel Silver sheet.  I think if I’d been more cunning, I almost could have fit two whole models on there.  As it is, there will be plenty of leftover etch and there are doubles of all the riskiest parts.  […]

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Photo studio gets a makeover

There is a silver lining when your basement gets flooded: you get to put everything back a little bit better. In the case of the photo studio, which resides behind the monitor in my home office under the layout, I had never liked having to move the monitor out of the way. First of all, […]

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Mutually Assured Alignment

I’m telling you this because, in a few months, you might be me, and we will want to take advantage of some of the cunning plans that we laid in the summer. We’re going to attempt to fold the crossheads up from etched material.  I’ve put four of them on the etch because there’s loads […]

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