Turntable Wheel Plan

It was a bit of a late start this evening, and all I had time for was some thinking about the turntable wheels. These are N-scale freight wheels with the flanges turned off. I had been thinking of using the needle bearings for one side, but couldn’t think how I would get the axles in […]

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Ring rail replaced

I always find it interesting how much quicker it is to redo something than to do it the first time.  So it is that it took only two evenings (about three hours) to remove the first ring rail and replace it.  Of course, I reused all the parts.  I scraped the ties down and pulled […]

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Ring Rail Do-Over

I finally pulled the trigger. The first attempt at laying the ring rail wandered too far from the middle of the ties, and so, this evening I pulled it all off for a redo. Despite several encouraging comments that the prototype probably wasn’t perfect either, and it would probably look fine once the ballast was […]

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Ring Rail Installed

I’m reading a wonderful book, Pirate’s Passage by William Gilkerson to the kids right now. One of the characters obviously has a taste for rum.  So inspired, I poured myself a glass and tackled the ring rail this evening. The gauge on the turntable worked perfectly. It took hardly any time to chase it around […]

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Getting Started on the Ring Rail

Well, despite the funk, I’m pressing on. A handful of supportive words from Mike Chandler at Scott Calvert’s operating session last night encouraged me. When I told him of my concern that the pit is not round enough, he opined, “a lot of them weren’t very round.” Well, okay, let’s go for it then. The […]

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Pit Progress

I seem to be in a bit of a funk over the turntable pit.  At the core, this probably means that I don’t like how it’s shaping up.  There are just too many inaccuracies, and they’re probably going to come back to bite me. Even so, I’ve managed to push ahead all the same.  The […]

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Turntable Pit Curb

I’m finally back from my course, and sufficiently recovered from jet lag that I have some energy left over at the end of the day to do a little bit of modelling. So, I tackled the curb around the top of the turntable pit. I think most turntables must have these, otherwise ballast and stuff […]

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