622 ready for the show

Well, I didn’t quite make the audacious goal, and now I am almost out of time. The Railway Modellers’ Meet starts on Friday, and there isn’t a nanosecond of free time between now and then. So, I am unlikely to make much more progress. What we see is what we get. Having said that, it’s […]

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622’s boiler roughed in

The plan for 622’s boiler is somewhat experimental. Because the engine is a split frame design, and the running boards are connected to the frame, the boiler needs to admit both polarities too. At the same time, these little engines are mostly air, and so, we need to fill the boiler with as much weight […]

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622’s Cab Takes Form

I tell you what: this business of starting with etched parts is really a lot faster than forming parts yourself. I spent about an hour this morning laying out and forming the four key-holes that I use to screw the cab to the frame, and which somehow I forgot to include in the pattern. If […]

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Engine truck good enough for now

Rebuilding the engine truck wheels, including one tyre that went missing (but is not missed as it wasn’t my best work) took a morning. This time I soldered the half-axles in place before casting the spokes. So all the wheels are nice and solid now, even the one that came apart in the heat and […]

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Experiments with molten lead

If you ever want to involve your teenaged son in this hobby, just tell him he gets to use the blow torch! In fact, I think you could convince a teenaged boy to do just about anything if it involved a blow torch. It’s unfortunate that they can’t use one to clean their room without […]

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Bearing guides and kit design

I never know what to call these things. The Brits call them “hornblock guides,” but North American engines have no hornblocks and have no need to guide them. We unimaginative North Americans call the bearings, well, “bearings.” The parts on the engine that guide them are pedestals and their wedges. There is no room to […]

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Frame for 622

The framigami idea paid off, and compared to #10, the frame for 622 went together very quickly. Of course, it didn’t go perfectly according to plan. There are a few things I will change if I re-draw the etching artwork, and a few things I would remember to do differently next time. Things for next […]

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