Test wall for Pembroke roundhouse

In 1908, the Pembroke roundhouse was listed in “fair” condition.  It stood for another 48 years until it burned.  So, I read “fair” to mean that it was not dilapidated, but also, perhaps not first class.  I speculate, therefore, that perhaps it wasn’t painted. The other challenge with the Pembroke roundhouse is that it is […]

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A touch of paint

There is a truism in modelling that the surface is all anyone sees.  So, in preparation for a visit from the North Shore Model Railroaders, I quickly dabbed some paint on all the blue foam insulation.  The paint is Rona recycled “Clay,” which is a pretty close match for the gravel ballast. Suddenly the scenery stops […]

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The Consistency of Oatmeal

After years of hearing about it, I decided to give Lou Sassi’s ground goop a try.  I found a few online resources with the recipe, including a video on the Model Railroader site, with Lou himself mixing it up.  The recipe I found was one part Cellulite one part fine vermiculite one part dirt-coloured paint […]

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Replacing Sketchup

I finally gave up on Windows.  Oh, I’m no anti-Windows bigot (at least not anymore): I am very productive on the platform we all love to hate.  The problem was that the laptop forgot its license key, and due to poor record-keeping, so did everyone else.  To make a long story short, I downloaded Ubuntu and have […]

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