Roundhouse doors ready for hinges

The train room has converted into a guest room for the holidays. So progress is going to slow down for a bit. I had some pieces of roundhouse doors drying on the lights, which totally messes with the comfortable-yet-tidy ambience we’re aiming for in our guest room. So, while I should have been vacuuming, I […]

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Roundhouse doors cut

I warmed up the Cricut for a little workout this evening, cutting out the doors for the roundhouse. The blade is not super-sharp, and two passes didn’t reliably cut through the 3-ply Strathmore on the “Iron On” setting. No matter, it was a few minutes’ work to chase all the cuts with an Olfa knife, […]

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The roundhouse man door

My thanks to readers Shawn and Ben for applying their thoughts and experience to the enigma of the roundhouse man door. The question is, what is causing the shadow across the top of the man door? In the previous post I conjectured this shadow was because the man door was a sliding door behind the […]

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Roundhouse doors drafted

Tonight I drew up the roundhouse doors, which have a pleasingly interesting pattern of cross-bracing.  Some panels have an X, and others have a Z.  The braces match a Mattingly photo, taken in the 50’s, but the reasons why these shapes were chosen are lost in time. My friend, Mike Chandler, who worked at servicing locomotives, conjectures that […]

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