Flywheel and worm for 622

A plumbing emergency this weekend derailed my plans to get much done on 622. However, I did manage to marry the motor with the flywheel and worm. I don’t know about other people, but I find pushing on the end of a motor axle very stressful. A little too much pressure and you’ll be buying […]

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622 gets connecting rods

I am not so naive as to believe that the connecting rods would drop effortlessly onto the crankpins. When I built #10, I bet I spent a month fussing over the wobbly bits, before finally declaring a truce and moving on. They were never perfect, but I felt they were probably good enough. After a […]

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Magic Box Discoveries

The Boy and I had to drive down to Kerrisdale today on an errand. As we were in the neighbourhood, and I needed more 1/8″ brass rod, we stopped in at Magic Box Hobbies. Magic Box mostly cater to the plastic and R/C modelling crowds, and so this was only my second time in the […]

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622 on her wheels

You might expect that at this point it would be a simple matter of dropping the drivers into the chassis, screwing the engine truck on and sending the whole assembly out for a test roll. Sadly, no. Somehow, the design for 622´s springs got changed, and a whole lot of extra metal got added. So, […]

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IPMS Vancouver Fall Show

The local chapter of the International Plastic Modelers Society held their big show on Thanksgiving Saturday, as they apparently have every year. I had never been to one of their events before, and finding myself in the unusual possession of not only a couple of hours of free time but also the knowledge that the […]

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Engine truck wheels

The engine truck, which I primed yesterday, went together more or less as planned this morning before I left for work. Unlike #10, which has tiny equalizing beams and floating bearings trapped in rigid sideframes, #622 allows the whole sideframes to rock. The bearings are simple holes in the sideframes, meaning the wheels are permanently […]

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7AM Conference Call

Was I still in my pyjamas? No, but I may have been calling in from the modelling disk. Good thing the camera was off in any event. I blasted a little primer onto 622’s engine truck as it’s going to be hard to do once the truck is assembled. It’s not the hours. It’s the […]

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Art Nouveau

“What’s with the sudden interest in Art Nouveau?” my wife asked when she saw me balancing on my knee the huge tome I’d liberated from the oversize stacks at the Capilano Library. Art Nouveau was a dominant style in the arts from 1890-1910 and so it is part of the context for my 1905 rendition […]

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Removing the long axles

With the drivers quartered, the long axles have now served their purpose. I started cutting the first one with a jeweller’s saw. An hour and two blades later, I decided to switch to a cut-off disk and the Dremel tool. I took it slow to avoid melting the spokes or (worse) the axle-wheel joint, and […]

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