Extra-long jig axles

At least I think they should be called jig axles. These pieces of Aluminum rod are used with the coupling rods to ensure the bearings are exactly the right distance apart. Essentially, I will pass these rods through the bearings, fix the coupling rods to the outsides, and then solder the bearing guides to the […]

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Crankpins for 622

This weekend I formed the crankpins. They are turned from brass as I found, when turning the prototype, I couldn’t drill a long 0.6 mm hole in steel. I made them slightly over-length so I can trim them after I see how thick the rods really are. The real trick was the washers. These are […]

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A summer well-spent

It has been quite a summer. Between three weeks in England and France subjecting the kids to an intense dose of European history and culture, a long weekend in New Brunswick attending family functions, and a week recovering at a cabin on the Sunshine Coast, there hasn’t been much time for railway pursuits. What little […]

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