Another Idea for Roundhouse Doors

My friend Mark Dance has been coming up with all sorts of ideas for mechanisms for Pembroke lately. This week, he sketched an alternative mechanism for opening and closing the roundhouse doors. I’ve reproduced his sketch here, along with my usual ruminations. Mark’s idea is to use Lego bevel gears on a shaft that can […]

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Lego Experiments Bear Fruit

Thanks to some encouragement from the followers of this blog, I gave Lego a shot for driving the turntable. We have a house full of the stuff, although one of our collectors likes mostly the Friends and Elves Lego, which is sadly not conducive to turntable manufacture. Fortunately, the Boy like Star Wars and Technic […]

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Soft Pastels for a Fun Mockup

I’m a little exhausted by the whole turntable gear fiasco. So, I thought I would relax this evening by mocking up the roundhouse.  I’m going to want a mockup to experiment with the doors, soon anyway, and I was originally thinking of only mocking up the front wall.  However, I needed a break, and so, […]

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How not to drive your turntable

To recap of where we are: The gears started spinning on their shafts because the shafts are round, and well, there is too much torque to overcome in the lazy susan. To overcome the spinning problem, I drilled and pinned the gears to their shafts. Then the whole mechanism had stiff spots, but kind of […]

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Straight and even turntable ties

Here are the ties all Weldbonded to the turntable steelwork. I wonder how the real ones were affixed?  For sure, they were as straight and even as the workers at the time could make them. To get mine evenly spaced and straight, I laid some double-sided tape on the cutting mat, along with a straight […]

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