Track Details

There is a reason why William Cornelius Van Horne paid thousands of navvies to lay the CPR: it is remarkably tedious work! I mean, really, four spikes for every tie! Is it really necessary? Tonight I shook the frets out of the Proto:87 Stores packaging and tried out some of their joint bars and spikes. […]

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Test Switch

It’s become fashionable to call the throw bar of a switch by its proper name: switch rod. Now, I’m all for using the correct terminology, but it seems to me that calling the giant chunk of PC board that keeps model switch points the correct distance apart gives these abominations more credit than they deserve. […]

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Test Turnout 2

We left off last week with the straight(ish) stock rail in place, congratulating ourselves on a good evening’s work, considering we started with bare plywood. This week, we got through most of the rest of the engineering, with the exception of the switch rods. I hope to get those and the remaining details done by […]

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Half a Test Turnout

You’d be excused to think that it’s a little late to go testing my planned turnout construction. But well, I’m changing it up yet again on this layout, and the Proto:87 posse was in danger of passing me. So, we raced ahead with everything else before finalizing construction techniques. If it doesn’t work out, I […]

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