Fascia gets a makeover

inspired by the Tim Warris’s amazing Bronx Terminal layout, I tried to copy his idea of rivets on the fascia. Unfortunately, I didn’t embrace them the way he did, and so my “rivets” are too sparse and small and just look like, well, #8 Round Head Robertson screws, which of course they are. I’m about […]

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Percy and the couplers

Excited by the prospect of having a working engine, even if it doesn’t look like anything that ran on the Canada Atlantic, I printed a copy of Percy’s original running board, and mated it up with some Accumate Coupler lids from my folder of standard 3D designs. Bachmann had glued the cylinders on with CA, […]

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Turnout controls ready to print

Eight years! I am amazed to learn that I started pecking away at the fascia-mounted turnout control problem eight years ago. Well, this week marks the conclusion of the design phase, as I finally have a version I believe will be robust and easy to install. This is a minor improvement over the Mark II […]

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Percy’s new main rods

Percy’s new main rods follow the same pattern as the connecting rods, with keys holding the rods in place, rather than nuts. I re-used the original crossheads. These have a plain plate to hold the rod in place on its pin and also to keep the crosshead on its guides. Filing off the end of […]

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