Bring in the next victim

Despite my success with Percy, I still don’t feel ready to tackle 622 and 10 again. So, I procured a Bachmann Spectrum “modern” 4-4-0. I’d always wondered what made this a “modern” engine, and it wasn’t until I was checking if it fit on Pembroke’s turntable that I noticed. Almost all eight-wheelers kept their fireboxes […]

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Impending operations

Now that I have Percy operational, and most of the turnout controls are in, I am starting to turn my thoughts once again to operations. The layout doesn’t operate well enough to share it with others yet, so Marc Simpson is in no danger of losing the bet. However, it won’t get any better if […]

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Percy visits the paint shop

I found only the dried out dregs of a bottle of paint when I went to paint Percy’s new parts. The dregs looked almost viable, and I wanted the project done so I pressed forward with thinning and spraying. It was one of the worst airbrush experiences of my life. That’s saying something as my […]

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Installing Turnout Controls

Awaiting a custom set of N-scale Grand Trunk decals from Black Cat, I have had to put Percy aside for a week or so. Meanwhile, I’ve been honing the approach to installing turnout controls. These controls had to satisfy the following design criteria. They need to behave like a real switch stand. I want to […]

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Percy and the mega-print

With Percy now coated in primer, it is easier to see and comment about how that single big print went. Truthfully, it was two prints because the first one had the cylinders too high. While I wouldn’t consider it a failure, the single big print was not the best decision. I knew I was in […]

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3D printed handrail stanchions

Rarely my ideas work out on the first try. If it weren’t for a spare shell, due to cylinders that were too high, this one might not have. The spare shell allowed for practice before committing to the real shell. Handrail stanchions for #622 took a fair amount of lathe work to bore out and […]

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Percy’s new Body

I’m as surprised as anyone that the single-big-print approach worked for Percy’s body. It looks pretty darn nice considering how much work didn’t go into it. I’m especially impressed by the hand-holds beside the cab door and the handrail stanchions atop the tank. I had a few failures, which I blame on dirt I noticed […]

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Percy and the Broken Promise

When I started this project, the great thing about Percy was that I could work on the engine without being tempted to turn it into a Canada Atlantic prototype. Well, now that I have a working engine, it seems a shame not to put it to work! But, even I can’t imagine Percy banging Troublesome […]

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