Bullfrog Mutations

I decided to use Fast Tracks Bullfrog Manual Turnout Controls for controlling the turnouts on Pembroke. I tested these out at a show a couple of years ago, and liked the positive clunk compared to some other systems. I also liked the price (you’re getting to know me by now), and finally I like the […]

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Home Spectroscopy

Since I primed the backdrop, every time I look at it with the layout lights on, it feels awfully blue. So, I decided to see if I could really understand what is going on with the lights. This Saturday, we mostly had rain (go figure, it’s Vancouver!), and so, the kids and I set off […]

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And there was Light

Andrew came by last night, and I think it was the first time we have ever achieved what I’d hoped in the time available. At first it didn’t look like we would achieve anything. We opened the container of contact cement that I’d bought on Sunday, and found it had gone off. Looking at my […]

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