Top Cabinet Carcasses Installed

Last night I finished installing the angled top cabinets in the corner. These were originally going to be just a single large cabinet, but it turned out to be more efficient in terms of material to make two cabinets. For some reason, which I shall have to investigate, the smaller of the cabinets is a […]

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A Tale of Two Cabinets

Last night I got the second of two cabinet carcasses screwed to the wall and the ceiling. This took much longer than expected; indeed, I’d thought I would be done by Friday night, and I was finishing up at midnight on Monday. Well, as usual, I learned some stuff, and I’m writing it down here. […]

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For much of December, when I wasn’t over-eating, I was working on the cabinets that will go around Pembroke. They’re a long way from finished. Indeed, there will be six cabinets, and only two carcases are assembled so far. However, progress is happening and accelerating; hopefully I will get the first two cabinets installed tonight […]

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