Refined Bullfrogs

It might not have been apparent, but that first Bullfrog posting showed pictures of a proof of concept installation. Now that I am installing them on the actual layout, here is an update on some of the refinements I’ve made.

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I’ve been on the lookout for an inexpensive stereo for the train room for some time now. Today was the lucky day! On the way home from an appointment, I stopped in at a garage sale and found a stereo. I figured they would be increasingly flexible on price as they came closer to closing, […]

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Remote Turnouts Solved

Okay, I think I’ve got this problem with throwing both the switch and the switch stand for the turnouts on the window sill licked! The trick was to think about the parts that have to move the same distance and to design something that would hold them rigidly together. Then I remembered Pembroke’s Victorian or […]

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Failed Bullfrog Mutation

This week I managed to get the two Bullfrogs for the remote switches installed. After an evening’s head-scratching, I actually managed to get the switches themselves to move relatively sweetly. The secret was to add sufficient screws to the near end of the sliders to keep them from lifting or twisting at all. So far […]

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Raking Through the Lego

One of life’s bittersweet experiences is watching your child grow up. On the one hand, it’s wonderful to see them grow into increasingly independent and self-sustaining people. On the other, they no longer want to be with you as much, being increasingly independent and self-sustaining. So, when the boy invited me to play Lego with […]

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Those Remote Turnouts

As you might recall, the first two turnouts on entering Pembroke are actually on the windowsill. I think when I made this design decision, I figured I would use ground throws for these two turnouts. However, since then, I changed my mind and decided they should be remote from the front of the fascia like […]

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