Quartering jig

I mostly completed the quartering jig before our vacation. It consists of two steel bars separated by aluminum spacers and with axle holders also made of aluminum. I’ve not yet drilled the crankpin holes, but a test fit of some axle material showed it was remarkably and satisfyingly accurate for a bodger like me.

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Pilgrimage to Pendon

It’s easily more than a decade since I was last in England, and so, on this summer’s holiday, I left the eye-rolling family at home for a trip out to see the Pendon museum. We were staying in Henley on Thames, and the museum was a morning’s excursion when the rest of the family wanted […]

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Crank pin idea

Beautiful summer weather rarely inspires much railway modelling. It’s a better time to sit on the deck and enjoy the outside of the house than the inside of the basement. Today the idea book came with me so I could capture that elegant crankpin solution I suggested a month or so ago. I believe that […]

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We are just returning from a trip to England and France. As I was the chief planner and driver, it is perhaps surprising that there weren’t more railway visits along the road. Sadly, every such suggestion is met with universal eye rolling resistance. I did, however manage to “stumble upon” le Chemin de fer de […]

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