Base cabinet

This week, I managed to get the first cabinet out together. This will be one of a pair of cabinets that support the north section of the layout. The bottom of the cabinet will have three drawers, the top drawer has slides that lock open, and my plan is to create a lid for this […]

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Smoothing the Sky

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve sanded the backdrop now. There is at least one more time in my future as the velour mini roller, which the manufacturer describes as follows 100% wool velour extreme short nap rollers provide a very smooth finish and are virtually lint-free. Velour has excellent loading and uploading […]

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“Aaack!” I cried as the rope suddenly slipped and the layout lurched. After an evening of working on switch targets, Andrew and I were hoisting the north section of Pembroke back to the ceiling so it would be out of the way. I had been thinking that it was likely one of the last times […]

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So, we’ve established that the RGB strip of lights is a little too subtle as it stands. So, when Andrew was over the other night, I wondered aloud if painting the clouds a little impasto could light them up. You see, you can see the RGB colours on the ceiling, so perhaps they might show […]

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Solution to Broken Headblock

Well, it wasn’t quite as bad as I thought it would be. When the headblock tie first broke, I had visions that it could mean tearing up the turnout and re-laying it. However, once cooler heads had taken over, a good solution presented itself. I cut a length of .005 brass sheet, and bent it […]

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Photographing Canada Atlantic #10

I’m working on an e-book for Model Railroad Hobbyist about my construction of Canada Atlantic #10. The original photos I shot back when the model was finished were done under lights, and models always look much better outside. Since this was a beautiful weekend, I dusted off the old purple module and took the kids […]

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Sunrise, Sunset

This week, Andrew and I installed the remaining lights for Pembroke. There are now five strips of LEDs pointing down: three cool white and two warm white. As anticipated, the extra strip of warm white adds a little more – well – warmth. These strips were from a second manufacturer, and I must say the […]

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