Turntable Connections

This evening I added the two rails where I will feed power to the turntable. I rolled them using the FastTracks Rail Roller, and then soldered to the pads on the PC board I created some time ago. I also added the square tube, which provides a positive connection for the gearbox. Unfortunately, the wormgear […]

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Gear fitting

Tonight I installed the gears for the turntable drive on their axles. Of course, I didn’t have my 2 mm axle material on hand, and so, I had to use 5/64″ material. This required a whole lot of reaming on the worm, from which my fingers may never recover. The ends of the axles are […]

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Two Pieces of Brass

I’m always amazed at how slowly I make things out of brass.  Tonight, for example, it took me an hour to cut two rectangles, solder them together and drill six holes through them (one not in quite the right place!).  Then I spent a further hour scoring and bending them (again, one score is on […]

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Shaking down the Boundary Sub

My friend Scott invited a bunch of us over today for an informal operating session. This was the first session on the new Boundary Sub.  I’ve been helping Scott out with construction occasionally for many years, and it was great to finally see trains running.  There are some important lessons from Scott’s first session. Perhaps […]

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The new photo studio

Years ago, when visiting Jack Burgess, I noted that he had what appeared to be a permanent setup for taking model photos. Right behind his modelling desk, there was a backdrop, lights and camera on a tripod, all ready to go for shooting top-quality in-progress photos. No dirty, paint-stained cutting mat background for him! “Kalmbach,” […]

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Aligning the turntable pit

About the only machine tool I own is a little drill press.  I bought it for $50 at a garage sale over a decade ago, and it has paid for itself many times over.  Unfortunately, because my tools are not going to automatically align parts, I spend a lot of time figuring out how to trick […]

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Driving the turntable – the plan

Sadly our guests just left, leaving us to ourselves and returning to progress on the turntable. I had decided that I need to sort out the drive system before going much further with construction. At first I thought I would get a worm gearbox from Lego. Unfortunately, they don’t have the right pieces on their […]

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We are having some visitors from out of town this week, and so, I’ve been mounting a bit of a blitz to try to get the guest room looking a little more presentable. In typical home renovation fashion, if you want to do one thing, you must do another first. In my case, I wanted […]

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