Bad crank pin holes

When you simultaneously wreck a part and break your last drill bit of that size, it’s a good time to take a little rest. Actually, I’ve now pretty much committed to mulligans on two out of four drivers, which will teach me not to celebrate finishing some parts until I’ve finished working with them. Despite […]

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Crank pin holes

To line up the crank pin holes and get them the right distance from the axle, I have created a little jig out of 1/16 x 1/2 inch brass. Using relatively heavy material like this should keep wear to a minimum, at least long enough for two or three engines. The jig is pointed at […]

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Crank pin proof of concept

The M0.6 screws and nuts arrived just before the Railway Modellers’ Meet, and now that most of the dust has settled, I’ve spent a part of a glorious spring morning trying out my idea for a crank pin. When the weather’s as nice as this, progress on the locomotive has to slow down. Vancouver winters […]

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