Could be the end of Pembroke

It is raining to make Noah look skyward. This morning we awoke to water in the basement for the first time since we moved in over 15 years ago. OnSide Restoration arrived around ten and declared the floor is ruined and will have to be replaced. That floor is under everything. It is under the […]

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Algonquins of Pikwàkanagàn

Neil (@sarahdaddy) asked in a comment a few days ago where I stand on the question of romanticizing Pembroke, compared to its history. I understand the desire to create a utopia where everything is beautiful on a sunny summer (fall or winter) day and there isn’t any poverty or racial issue but some things existed […]

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Time-travelling Box Queen

A couple of weeks ago, I was lamenting the fact that no trains have run on Pembroke in almost two years.  My friend Mark Dance suggested I get a little diesel and convert it; then I could at least bang around a few cars when I want. It reminded me that this was actually part […]

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Seattle Roadtrip!

It seems like ages since I went for an operating weekend anywhere.  However, there are some trips that you simply can’t pass up, and the last opportunity to operate on Al Frasch’s Pilchuck Division was one of those. So this Saturday, seven of us stole across the border at 7:30 AM, counting our blessings that […]

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Quite wheelish

My puttering with the form tool is starting to result in things that could be mistaken for wheels.  These ones approximate the 30″ wheels for 622’s pilot truck, but with the gross flange of my homemade form tool. I faced them down to the correct 1.63 mm wide, and cut the spoke recess in the […]

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Wheel masters

A rather large box of air arrived from Shapeways today.  Safely suspended inside were the masters for 622’s wheels.  Seriously, the box is over 4000 cubic centimetres of air, and contained perhaps 2 cubic centimetres of plastic!  The castings were well protected!  No box from Shapeways has ever lasted more than a few minutes after […]

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Sneaking up on tyres

I may have been a trifle optimistic about finishing the learning phase before 20 hours are out. I’m still discovering how to hit a given diameter with a form tool. It seems to be equal parts art and science. My approach is pretty much to make each tyre individually. Sure I take note of where […]

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Vaguely like wheels

I’m a little over ten hours of practice into learning to use my lathe. To tell the truth, I don’t think I will need the full twenty hours I’d planned. Already I can do most of what I need to be able to do to cut wheels. Wrecking my only Proto:87 form tool would make […]

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30 inch wheels are small!

Last night’s lathe practice was about making my own tools. All 622’s wheels need a ridge at the edge of the tyre, and so, I made a little boring tool to create that. Once done, I tried it out and made the test wheel shown here. The wheel is the size of 622’s engine truck […]

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