We are having some visitors from out of town this week, and so, I’ve been mounting a bit of a blitz to try to get the guest room looking a little more presentable. In typical home renovation fashion, if you want to do one thing, you must do another first. In my case, I wanted to get rid of a bunch of boxes in the guest room, and that meant having a place to put their contents.

All that stuff was supposed to go under the layout, but I wanted it to look more like furniture than some storage space. So, I finally made the nine drawers that belong in the carcasses I made last summer. By the time I was finishing the last drawers, I was actually getting so I kind of knew what to do, and they even work quite well! In my opinion, they look good too.

Layout as furniture

Now comes the long process of figuring out where exactly everything should go for optimum efficiency. I sort of bunged all the train stuff in where it would fit for now. Even so, it is already much better than digging through a pile of boxes, which is what I had before.

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