The Pembroke Milling Company spur

The Pembroke Milling Company was situated at the other end of the Pembroke Street bridge. Indeed, the mill was the reason for the dam that meets our side of the Muskrat behind the depot. One of the Pembroke Southern’s founders, William Moffat owned the mill, and he preferentially built a warehouse on his railway. It doesn’t seem that the warehouse was in use for very long, and when the Grand Trunk rebuilt the yard they eliminated the spur.

I left the rails to the warehouse loose when I glued down the rest of the rails because I knew I wanted the roadbed to take a slight grade, and that would have stressed the rails. Well, the roadbed has been fixed in place for years now, and as I was crawling around, hot soldering iron and gauges in hand, I decided to glue the spur rails down too. Amazingly, even though they’ve been sitting for six years, the Pliobond on the foot of one of the rails reactivated with a little heat. The other one would have too, but there was too much paint on the foot interfering with the bond.

Given all the challenges of building 622, it was incredibly satisfying to just glue down some rail, and make a big difference in the appearance of that part of the layout.

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