Amuse bouche of operations

My sister and her family came to visit this week. Between sandcastling, fireworks and eating together, we found time to check out the progress on Pembroke.

Now, when you have a rabid foamer like me in your family, you’re likely to find a more productive way to spend your energy than building trains too. However, for years they’ve heard about operating sessions, and wondered what they’re all about.

It was the sort of wondering people hold for nudism – knowing that there are people who practice it, confounded as to why, and unlikely to ever take steps to find out. So, when they came down to visit the layout, I didn’t let them twiddle a throttle. Instead, my family operated the August 11th runs of 43, 44 and 45. That included signing the registers at each end of the run and learning why they had to.

I have no allusions that they may suddenly take an interest in model trains: it will always be their brother and uncle’s crazy hobby. However, a ten-minute amuse bouche of operating the railroad might help them understand what all the fuss is about, and what has kept me so entertained these past forty years. Plus, now I bet they’re glad railroad operations is the only new hobby they experienced on this holiday.

3 thoughts on “Amuse bouche of operations

  1. I think I’d feel too nerdy to involve my sister or brother, so kudos to you for getting them to try it out.

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