XTool Finds a Home

While I’m optimistic that the XTool is going to be fabulously useful, it also takes almost as much space as a third child. Although it is less than 24×24 inches, that is still almost .25 percent of our home’s floor space. I had to consider where it would live before I even pushed the “buy” button.

The XTool Support people weren’t keen about storing their product on end, and suggested I disassemble it when not in use. That would have resulted in it never being in use. Still, the “buy” button was just too tempting and I thought I would figure out storage in due course.

The main part of the tool is a machined aluminum frame, and it doesn’t seem like this could be harmed by standing on end. However, when it does stand on end, the gantry rests on a plastic limit switch, and I suppose the switch could eventually start to stick or fail. Perhaps that was why the Support people were against the idea.

My solution was to stow the gantry on a shelf. A piece of the original packaging also supports the laser itself, although it would be easy to simply remove it. A second shelf provides a location for the little air compressor that blows out any flames, as well as a box of tools and other bits that came with the tool. The whole mess hides behind the platform, which folds down on a piano hinge when the laser is deployed.

I feel XTool missed a trick by providing a little plastic box, which doesn’t even hold all the tools. They could have easily provided a pattern to cut a tool box out as your first project. Perhaps I will make that my first real project.

3 thoughts on “XTool Finds a Home

  1. Normally, the laser is pointing downwards and is close to the work surface. When you have the tool in the stowed position, the laser is pointing across the room: a potential risk whilst setting up, with the worktop lowered but before the frame and laser are in place. Are you going to arrange a safety switch of some kind, to make sure that the power is cut whilst the laser is stowed?

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