Tender wheels for GTR 1120

The 3D-printed centres for the tender wheels took two tries, not because the print failed in some way, but because I assumed the drawing, which I worked on months ago, was finished. It wasn’t and the axle holes were about a quarter millimetre oversize. It took minutes over days to get correct centres and a few more minutes over many more days to install them.

However, they’re now all together. Now that I see them up close, I wish I’d taken the time to put some sort of foundry mark on the faces. I imagine the Grand Trunk might have cast their own wheels, although it would likely be illegible anyway. I found a photo of a GT passenger car wheel seems to imply I can safely elide them, but surely there should be a date if nothing else.

The old coarse-scale wheels simply popped out of the truck side frames, and these replacements slipped right in. Early runs on the test track look positive.

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