Lettering for 1120

Thanks to everyone who wrote in to sound the alarm about leaving masking tape on too long! I’m thrilled that anyone reads this blog, and dumbfounded that so many of you care. In the end you needn’t have worried: the masking tape came off easily and the paint stayed on. I hadn’t particularly planned to leave the smokebox matte, but I’m so glad I took the time to mask it, as it looks awesome!

Black Cat supplied the decals, and they really make the model pop! This time the panel under the cab windows was easily large enough to accommodate the lettering, and I didn’t have to ask for an N-scale set.

Reviewing all the photos I have of GTR engines (Railroad History #147 is an excellent resource), I concluded that the 1898 numbering scheme seems to have included the stripes on all engines. However, after 1910 it looks like stripes were reserved for passenger engines. So 1120 got the stripe treatment, which is also provided by the excellent Black Cat decals.

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