1120’s Tender Rear

The pun was unavoidable.

I originally left the lining off the rear of 1120’s tender because the information sheet with Black Cat’s decal set indicated I should. However, it didn’t sit right with me, and when that happens, I go looking for pictures.

A photo of 1362 wrecked at Renfrew Junction in 1906 sealed the deal. Being 1906, this would be the correct livery for 1120, which carried that number from 1898 until 1910. I believe that Grand Trunk engines in this period all received lining on all sides of the tender as well as the sides of the cab. After 1910, the lining seems less consistent; perhaps only passenger engines were lined in the later years.

I had loads of leftover lining from 2543, which I painted as it appears in the one photograph I have of it. In 1905, the 4-wheeler wore the number seven, which felt a little too special to have ever shown up in Pembroke.

While it was a challenge because of ladder and backup lamp, I’m glad I went back to add the lining. I would have always felt that tender rear was a little naked without it.

Oh dear. I’ve done it again.

2 thoughts on “1120’s Tender Rear

  1. You don’t want your engines operating in the “Naked” version. I’m sure back then porn was kept of the street (and tracks)!

    1. Well, mere nudity is not the same as porn, but I’m sure it was kept off the streets and tracks in Edwardian Canada. Swimming holes and lakes? I like to think those were a different story.

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